How To Reclaim Your Power and Beat Procrastination for Good

Uncategorized Sep 30, 2020

According to a poll I did a couple of weeks ago, the biggest challenges and hurdles that most of you have experienced is related to Procrastination which is not at all surprising.

What I did find shocking though is that most of you are aware that you need to do certain tasks to reach your goals but you:

  • cannot get yourself to move through it
  • cannot get yourself to commit
  • cannot get yourself to stay accountable
  • cannot get yourself to overcome the obstacles whether they are mental or physical


So you end up spending so much time procrastinating - Putting everyone and everything else first and then having no energy or time left for yourself.

Isn’t this just the most frustrating cycle?

We battle ourselves everyday around what we could and couldn’t do, should and shouldn’t do, what we want and don’t want to do. It’s a constant tug of war. It depletes our energy and our spirit and sets us up to quit on ourselves before we really get started.



How to Protect Your Energy and Why You Should

Uncategorized Sep 23, 2020

This is a challenging time for so many of us, and we’re all feeling that energy in the air. We have experienced a lot of heaviness in our communities, conversations, and the news. We have felt depleted and exhausted - I know I have. It’s really sad when plans get canceled and it’s really stressful when our sense of normalcy is disrupted.


I’ve been thinking about all the times when people have asked me, “How are you so positive all the time?”


And I’ll tell you what I tell them. I’m not! It’s impossible to be.


Happy days aren’t guarantees, that’s for sure and negative feelings come and go, they are temporary yes, but they have an impact. They really do have the potential to derail our day.


How are you feeling today?


Are you feeling overwhelmed?
Are you feeling anxious?
Are you feeling helpless?

I hear you, I see you, I am you. Let us walk this road together and stand up for change -...


How to Navigate the Turbulence in your Head

Uncategorized Aug 19, 2020
I was gearing up for my 100th Peloton ride one morning and I had it all planned out and was ready and super excited but then... My brain had something else in store for me that morning. It was like a dam has been broken and a rush of excuses came flooding in.
Excuses like, "You are tired", "You don't need to do your 100th ride", "It's not really that important to you", "You can always do it tomorrow."
Does this ever happen to you? Have you ever noticed that the closer you get to your goal, the more your brain tries to backpedal? This is because growth is uncomfortable. It is uncomfortable because you've never been here before. You've never been this version of you and because the pressure of growing starts to come up, your brain starts to freak out.
And this is exactly what happened to me that morning.
If you’ve had a day like this recently, know that you’re not alone. This is not something that's unique to your brain and your mindset only....

Your Life is Up to You

tips Mar 31, 2020

The life you desire is completely up to you. I know, but.... you're unlucky, you'll fail, you don't have enough time (or money for that matter), you're stuck. It's just your lot in life. Is it really or is that just the story you tell yourself?

For 12 years I have worked with women who want to get unstuck, who want to feel fulfilled, whole, and enough. And do you want to know what the trick is? I know what it is. I have seen your patterns over and over again. I have watched you get stuck in your head, thoughts that don't serve you, but seem impossible to free yourself from. So here's the secret. They had to change their story in order to change their lives. Period. It's as simple (in theory) as that. Your choice is to live a life of surviving, checking the boxes until bedtime, OR you can choose to show up for yourself. Either way work is involved and inevitable. The work is either to keep yourself stuck and miserable (yes, it takes a lot of effort to stay grumpy) or to make...


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