Your Life is Up to You

tips Mar 31, 2020

The life you desire is completely up to you. I know, but.... you're unlucky, you'll fail, you don't have enough time (or money for that matter), you're stuck. It's just your lot in life. Is it really or is that just the story you tell yourself?

For 12 years I have worked with women who want to get unstuck, who want to feel fulfilled, whole, and enough. And do you want to know what the trick is? I know what it is. I have seen your patterns over and over again. I have watched you get stuck in your head, thoughts that don't serve you, but seem impossible to free yourself from. So here's the secret. They had to change their story in order to change their lives. Period. It's as simple (in theory) as that. Your choice is to live a life of surviving, checking the boxes until bedtime, OR you can choose to show up for yourself. Either way work is involved and inevitable. The work is either to keep yourself stuck and miserable (yes, it takes a lot of effort to stay grumpy) or to make...


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