I am a positive psychologist and life strategist who helps women transform from a life of languishing (checking the boxes + living on auto-pilot) to their most fulfilling, meaningful life.



I know you haven’t exactly been lit up by life lately. I know you have been wishing you could feel more present in your life but feel so distracted by all the noise of work, responsibilities, commitments, relationships, and on and on and on. I also know you can be living a life that lights you up, one that feels truly meaningful + fulfilling. And the best part? You can be living it right now. You see, I was you. I had my three daughters 15 months apart (hello twins!) and I found myself surviving the days. I would do everything I needed to do to feed, clothe, protect my girls AND run my business as a psychologist in private practice. Oh, and yes there was my marriage to nurture as well! There was so much going on and while I did my best at the time, I wasn’t flourishing. And I know you aren’t either. I threw myself into the science of happiness and became an expert in positive psychology so I could share with my clients the exact strategies I used to get myself out of a rut.


Weekly Wellness Planner


Get my proven six-step system for sustainable wellness that will empower you to take charge of your daily routines​ and lead you to feel more positive, balanced, peaceful, and grounded.


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Complimentary Clarity Call


I know you’re overwhelmed, want to manage time better, feel more present, actually be able to practice self-care once in awhile. I know you want to have fun, create meaning in your life, and feel fulfilled. Now is your chance to show up, to give yourself permission to not be perfect. 


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Anxiety Masterclass


Learn the 5 Proven Strategies you can start right now to help you bust through anxiety, take control of your life, and get motivated so you can stop letting worry get in the way of your happiness.


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This is your book to write, grab the pen and let’s get started. This is YOUR time to make life what you so wish it was. You’ve been living according to everyone else’s beliefs and wishes for you, it’s time to reclaim your life.

Your Life By Design™ 

This 6-month bespoke coaching program is for women who are ready to design a life of PURPOSE, PASSION, AND POTENTIAL. You are an action taker, goal-oriented, and all set with accepting life as is. Life is meant to be fulfilling, meaningful. Life is meant to be seized and savored, and you are meant to do more than just survive. In this program, I’ll coach you 1:1 on exactly how to design a life you absolutely love



The EmPOWERed Elite

If you are a woman who is tired of being held back by patterns of toxic thinking and habits and ready to step up then let’s get in there and make your life BETTER. I designed this 12-week group coaching program FOR YOU because I have witnessed the power of women supporting each other, and the transformative power of sharing our experiences with one another. I will show you just how strong, powerful, and capable you truly are. Whether you are craving changes personally OR professionally, let’s get you there.




If you want to stop procrastinating, signup for your VIP day today - just YOU and ME for an intensive, transformative day. No matter where you are in the world, you and I can have a bespoke 1:1 day focused on designing your exact roadmap for your next chapter. Stop procrastinating, start living a life you love with guidance and support in your pocket!



Growth Graduates

This is a 6-month bespoke coaching mastermind for you, a woman who has already started your epic journey of transformation, and who is ready to claim the success you’ve been wanting and needing



Confidence Collective

a 6-week group coaching program designed to help women reclaim their most courageous + confident selves



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