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Dr. Wendy O'Connor

Positive Psychologist +

Life Strategist for Women


All About Coaching 

Do you want the tools to feel better? Do you want to learn the best strategies to reach your goals?

Then coaching is for you.

I work with women 1:1, women who are seriously committed to feeling better about their lives.

My Your Life By Design program will take you through 6 weeks of the best, most effective Positive Psychology strategies to cultivate sustainable happiness. Clients use coaching to learn the right tools to overcome mindset + behavioral obstacles that have gotten in their way.

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Positive Psychologist + Life Strategist for Women

I am an optimist.

A lover of all things beautiful and delicious.


Professionally speaking, I am a Stanford-educated psychologist focused on helping you overcome the obstacles that keep you feeling stuck and unfulfilled.

I have a doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the PAU-Stanford Consortium, where I specialized in evidence-based treatment. I use your strengths, values, and goals to map out a blueprint for your success.

 It is my passion to guide you on creating sustainable change in your life, in order to feel both happier and more fulfilled.


 by Dr. Wendy O'Connor, Positive Psychologist + Life Strategist for Women