You’ve conquered the groundwork, laid an EPIC foundation for unstoppable self-belief and confidence, 

now it’s time to UPLEVEL!!


 You have struggled and been held back by the thoughts:


❌ I’m not good enough.

❌ I’m a failure.

❌ I can’t do this.

❌ I don’t know where to go from here.

❌ I’ll never succeed.

❌ I’m bad.


And now it’s time to create TRUTH in your careers + personal life around these instead:


❌ I can do anything I put my mind to.

❌ I deserve happiness.

❌ I will create personal AND professional success by MY design.

❌ My old core belief will no longer hold me back; I am ready for SUCCESS.


I used to be like you.

I used to feel paralyzed by fear. Fear that I couldn’t be perfect and therefore I would never succeed, and the fear that I didn’t have what it took to create what I dreamed of. This fear held me back from taking ACTION on the dreams I had to become my own boss and to create an incredibly abundant business. And then when my first daughter was born it clicked. It felt like this “Now or never” choice on my plate. I could go on my maternity leave and return to the same place I left, working for someone else, OR I could leap. So I leapt! I didn’t have an exact strategy for how I was going to succeed but I told myself I COULD and that I WOULD. I would do this for myself because it’s what I’ve always wanted, and I would do it for my family. And guess what? I have now created success AND happiness in both my business and my personal life. I proudly own a six figure business that is all about spreading positivity, optimism, and hope to women around the world. How fucking incredible is that!

I have done the deep work (as you are doing now), in order to live INTO my dream life. And it has allowed me to:

Believe in myself even when taking risks

⭐ Value and protect my time the way I would money in my bank account.

⭐ Create a business that is both meaningful AND successful,

⭐ Say YES to what serves me and my vision and NO to the BS

⭐ Cultivate happiness + sustain it as a non-negotiable, not a luxury.

Now my mission is to continue to coach you on upleveling in your life- both professionally and personally. I invite YOU to show up for yourself and your career the way you’ve always desired- full of promise, opportunity, and excitement. (take the rest of that paragraph out) I created this Growth Graduates program for YOU because you have already:

⭐ Demonstrated commitment to doing the work and truly healing yourself + your life.

⭐ Begun your own metamorphosis, both in how you think of and treat yourself but also in how you see the world and treat others.

⭐ Experienced the undeniable benefit of accountability and guidance from a psychologist. and the support of the incredible community of women you have been part of!!

⭐ Shared the desire to create this same type of success in your professional life now. You crave the mental, emotional, and financial abundance of a thriving business + career! And, you deserve it.


Growth Graduates is a 6-month bespoke coaching mastermind for you, a woman who has already started your epic journey of transformation, and who is ready to claim the success you’ve been wanting and needing.