Ready to smash your goals and take the lead on your life? 

It's time to THRIVE ladies!


Have you ever had these thoughts?

✨I am not good enough.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
✨ I’m not doing enough. 
✨ I’m doing it all wrong. 
✨ I suck. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
✨ What’s wrong with me?

I used to be like you.

The woman who felt scattered all of the time, running around like a chicken with my head cut off (sorry, bad visual).

I used to be that mom that couldn’t find time to breathe let alone meditate, practice self-care, exercise, and eat well.

I was surviving.

I literally used to count down the hours until the day would be over because I needed the break and the only break I got was sleep at night (when I was lucky enough to get that).

I was depleted, discouraged, and burned out.

I spent years feeling trapped in my head, with anxiety, wondering how others made it look so easy to be effortlessly happy and empowered. But then I realized- it isn’t effortless, it is INTENTIONAL.

I started researching positive psychology in order to learn how to thrive instead of simply survive. I knew I needed to use the tools Positive Psychology teaches so I could flourish in my life. I made it my mission to practice what I preach.


⭐ I learned how to value my time the way I would money in my bank account.

⭐ I learned how to reclaim my power, take the reins, and quiet my excuses.

⭐ I learned to say yes to myself and no to others.

⭐I learned a system that worked for me as it had for my clients for years.

⭐ I cultivated happiness in my life as a non-negotiable rather than a luxury.


Now my mission is to inspire and coach others on prioritizing their happiness. The science of happiness has proven that it takes focusing on certain elements to foster our ability to flourish and grow our happiness. This is what I coach women on each and every day. How to grow their happiness. The concepts are simple in theory and of course a bit trickier than that in practice. Nothing a little guidance and accountability can’t help.

This program was created for you, the incredible women who know you want more, deserve better but don’t know how to make your dream life a reality. 


I am here to remind you of your power. That your desires are worth fighting for. Your happiness is worth designing your life around. You deserve this.

The Empowered Elite is a 12-Week Group Coaching Program is for women seeking the confidence to take the reins of their lives.

This is for you if:

😞 you’ve wanted to feel better about your life but don’t know how 
😞 you know what you want to change but can’t seem to get there
😞 you want to have more energy, feel more motivated, and become more disciplined with your routines and habits
😞 you want to feel more present in your life and not pulled out of a moment because of stress or worry
😞 you feel depleted but know you’re made for more and need guidance and accountability to get there


In The Empowered Elite Group Program...

  • You will identify your strengths, values, and your core goals.
  • You will identify the biggest obstacles that have been in your way, and you will learn the most effective tools not only to overcome these obstacles but to create and sustain satisfaction and fulfillment in your life.
  • You will create a blueprint for success and you will have the immeasurable benefit of an accountability partner every step of the way.​


✔ Identifying your core strengths and values
✔ Strategic goal setting for sustainable success
✔ Creating meaning + purpose in your daily life
✔ Scripting a more optimistic narrative
✔ Quieting your inner critic
✔ Mastering morning + evening routines
✔ Staying consistent with healthy habits
✔ Stopping shame in its tracks
✔ Living guilt-free
✔ Putting self-compassion into practice
✔ Setting boundaries around your time + energy


A Little About Me... 

I’m Wendy! I am a positive psychologist + life strategist for women, mom to three girls including twins, and a wife, friend, aunt, daughter, oh, and CEO of my two businesses.

My life mission is to empower women to change their stories from “I can’t” to “I can and I will.” We have incredible strength, creativity, and possibility within us but we rarely tap into it.

I coach women on how specifically to overcome feeling overwhelmed and unfulfilled so that they can DESIGN lives they love and are excited to get out of bed for. This lights me up.

You have a few weeks left before 2020 officially ends. How proud do you want to feel at the end of this year? Give yourself the gift of success by hiring an accountability partner to guide you through. We have the tools, the strategies, the techniques. You just need to bring the YES.