Summer of 2022


No matter where you are in the world, you and I can have a bespoke 1:1 day focused on designing your exact roadmap for your next chapter.



Summer of 2022 VIP Day is for you if:

- You want FAST results- we spend one full day together mapping out your next chapter from A to Z.


- You want an in-person, luxury experience. We meet at an incredible hotel and spend the day with the Atlantic Ocean as our backdrop.


- Time is of the essence for you. You are busy, living a full life and want to learn all the tools in ONE day versus over the course of months together. 



Sample Schedule for our VIP Day:

‚Äč09:00 AM Goal Setting + Strengths/Values Exploration, Science of Happiness 

11:00 AM Power of Mindset: Understanding + Applying the connection of your Thoughts + Feelings into Your Life

12:30 PM Gourmet Lunch together

01:30 PM Protecting Your Time + Energy: the time and energy management strategies to help you live on purpose.

03:00 PM Transformation 180: Creating your roadmap for the second half of 2022.

04:30 PM Let's toast! Cheers to you and all the incredible work you put in today, let's end with a little bubbly.


There are only TWO VIP days offered in the SUMMER of 2022 so apply now to grab yours.




$1100 X3



"This program helped me uncover issues and understand myself better (and even the motives of others a little clearer). It helped me consciously bring to surface some things I already logically knew, but wasn’t implementing regularly in my life. Dr. Wendy coaching helped me uncover what I truly wanted and deserved in my life. It wasn’t easy, but she never said it would be.

- Jenna -

"Probably THE most powerful (breakthrough) is that I have discovered the negative core belief that has been running my life. Now that I know what it is and am being guided to both the tools and how to use the tools to rewrite this core belief, everything is changing for the better. I now believe that I have control over the trajectory of my life and I know in my heart that I CAN design the life I want!

- Alexi -

"Dr. Wendy really gets down to the nitty gritty. Helps us discover our CORE beliefs and identified our conditioned beliefs and then helps us CHANGE them! We don’t need to feel ‘not good enough’ or ‘bad’ anymore… She gives us those tools!!! As a mom of 3 and a wife the best gift I can give to my family is to heal myself. Working with Dr. Wendy has been the best thing I’ve done for MYSELF! 

- Jamie-