I'm a Positive Psychologist + Life Strategist helping millennial health and wellness experts create unparalleled meaning and fulfillment in life and business.

I am an optimist and a lover of all things beautiful and delicious.


Professionally speaking, I am a Stanford-educated psychologist focused on helping you overcome the obstacles that keep you feeling stuck and unfulfilled.


I have a doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the PAU-Stanford Consortium, where I specialized in evidence-based treatment. I use your strengths, values, and goals to map out a blueprint for your success.


It is my passion to guide you on creating sustainable change in your life, in order to feel both happier and more fulfilled.

Your Life By Design™


This 6-month bespoke coaching program is for millennial women who are READY to create a life of PURPOSE, PASSION, AND POTENTIAL. You are an action taker, goal-oriented, and done with accepting life as is as GOOD ENOUGH. In this program, I'll coach you one-on-one on how specifically to overcome feeling overwhelmed and unfulfilled so that they can DESIGN lives they love and are excited to get out of bed for.


The EmPOWERed Elite

If you are a woman who is tired of the same old feelings, thoughts, life, and ready to step up then let’s get in there and make your life BETTER. I designed this 12-week group coaching program FOR YOU because I know and have lived the powerful experience of women supporting other women in an intimate group. I am here to show you how strong, how powerful, and how capable you really are.




If you want to stop procrastinating, signup for your VIP day today - just YOU and ME for an intensive, transformative day. No matter where you are in the world, you and I can have a bespoke 1:1 day focused on designing your exact roadmap for your next chapter. Stop procrastinating, start living a life you love with guidance and support in your pocket!