by Dr. Wendy O'Connor, Positive Psychologist + Life Strategist for Women

Happiness Deconstructed Part 6: Vitality

Vitality: zest, energy, vigor, enthusiasm, FEELING ALIVE!!!

When was the last time you woke up with vitality? Feeling such excitement and alignment in your life you wanted to shout it from the rooftops? If you can't think of this time, it has been too long. Let's take a look at creating vitality, the 6th piece of the happiness pie. If you want to flourish in your life you must cultivate this slice.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

* What creates excitement in my life?

* What lights me up?

* What activities do I approach with enthusiasm and zest?

* How healthy do I feel in mind and body?

Vitality is strongly associated with physical and mental health. Are you prioritizing your health? Many of the behaviors and habits that have a negative impact on physical and mental health also negative impact vitality. Things like smoking, drinking in excess, being inactive, living in a very stressful home or professional environment, inactivity, poor diet, beating yourself up, being overly critically, etc. How many of those would you check off? It might be worth thinking about making some lifestyle changes in order to increase your vitality and therefore improve your happiness score.

So you might be wondering, how can you increase your vitality? Listen up.

* Do things you LOVE. Things you do because you enjoy them, not because of any external reward.

* Get MORE involved in the organizations that you feel strongly above. Don’t put half of your effort into your your life or your commitments.

* Engage in regular, vigorous physical activity that get your heart pumping.

* Choose healthy nutrition that includes whole foods, and those that are less processed, less filled with sugar.

* Prioritize sleep; practice excellent sleep hygiene to keep yourself energized.

* Engage in activities that improve your energy and lead you to a high-vibe place.

* Discover or rediscover your passion.

What is one step you can take to create more vitality in your life?