by Dr. Wendy O'Connor, Positive Psychologist + Life Strategist for Women

Feeling Down About Yourself? How to Build Self-Esteem in 5 Easy Steps

1. Identify your strengths and maximize them. Strengthsfinder! Knowing what you’re naturally good at and making decisions in line with those strengths encourages you to focus on what you do well which is a self-esteem boost. Go to to take their assessment today.

2. Transition your self-talk from critical to compassionate. Being gentle with yourself allows for quicker recovery; you can dust yourself off and get back to your goals. Whereas criticism cuts you up, slows you down, and is a truly unhelpful distraction from believing in yourself. Try changing “I’m not good enough, forget it.” to “I’m doing the best I can, I need to keep at it to succeed.”

3. Stop the comparisons. You will always find someone out there who is more successful, better looking, funnier, skinnier, wealthier. Stop comparing yourself- it makes you to focus on what you don’t have versus what you DO have. Use social media for inspiration not comparison. When we look at peoples’ perfect lives we set ourselves up to feel like failures. Stop engaging in the madness. Blinders on, ladies.

4. Master a skill. Be brave enough to try something new and commit to mastering it. This sense of mastery build confidence and self-esteem because it gives us a sense of control over our lives and proves to ourselves that we can and we will.

5. Live outside of your comfort zone. The more you challenge yourself to be uncomfortable, the braver and more confident you become. We challenge who we think we are and give ourselves the opportunity to change our story.