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Mindset Mastery: Slay the Shoulds

Let's slay the damn shoulds and live a life BY DESIGN.


How often do you find yourself saying:

"Well, I should..."

"I shouldn't..."

"If only I could..."


**We let the SHOULDS set our goals, direct our relationships, and design our lives for us. But that's NOT a life by design. A life by design doesn't use shoulds as a guide or directive. It doesn't let the shoulds be prioritized over values and desires.


It's time to stop settling for a life of shoulds and start living for a life by your design.


We will cover:

* What a life of shoulds looks like, why we live this way, and how to stop it

* How to break the pattern of living by the shoulds, FOR GOOD

* Stepping into a life of freedom, unshackled from the shoulds and lit up by desire, CONFIDENCE, and alignment.


**You'll get a LIVE spot to the masterclass on 7/27 and then lifetime access.  **