Empowered is a 3-month group coaching program where you will learn how to live a life aligned with YOUR strengths, values, and goals. Become your most confident, happy self using the science of happiness.

I want to live en EMPOWERED life ✨

EMPOWERED is perfect for the woman who:

 ✨ is ready to say good bye to going through the motions of life and instead design a life that lights you up 

✨ craving a life aligned with your true self, not the version of you that has been told by others how to live

✨ is excited for the possibilities of the future, and wants guidance on how to get there AND stay there

✨ wants to be part of an intimate community of incredible women who will inspire, motivate, and truly JOIN you on this journey of happiness


Here's what you can expect in Empowered:

 🥂 Weekly coaching with Dr. Wendy, positive psychologist and life strategist

🥂 Private Facebook group for additional daily support, guidance, and strategies

🥂 Lifetime access to the BEST tools and strategies in my course Your Life By Design 

🥂 The opportunity to turn your life from blah to BRILLIANT ✨


Then Empowered is for you.

Then Empowered is for you.

This program was created for you, the incredible women who want more out of life, believe you deserve better, but haven’t been able to make happiness your reality YET.

I am here to remind you of all that you are, and all that you can create in your life. Your desires are worth striving for. Your happiness is worth designing your life around. You deserve it all.

Empowered is a 12-Week Group Coaching Program for women who want to leave a life of languishing behind for good.